Color Services to help you 

Avoid costly mistakes

Picking the Right Paint Color

Color is complicated and there's no "one-color-fits-all".  
You see... It's not about having the right paint colors on the walls, it's about how that color fits with your floors, trim, countertops, cabinets, furniture and furnishings.  As a home stager, I see more and more paint color mistakes then ever these days!  Why? Because not every color "gets along". and we have so many different and unique color and furnishing choices then ever before.

Paint is the easiest  and least expensive way to update your home. What makes repainting your home expensive, is the professional painter you need to hire to get the job done.  So in order to avoid making a costly mistake by choosing the wrong color(s), it's a good idea to hire a certified color expert to help you.   The goal is to pick the right paint color(s) the first time around. 

The color you choose can have an amazing or devastating effect!  

The goal is to pick the right paint color(s) the first time around!

Paint Color Consultation

Creating a color perfect home is never done by accident!

We will determine what are the most ideal types of color to use in each space and the ideal accent walls based on what you already have in the room (or will have), so that you don't run into color conflicts. We will consider color preferences, mood, functionality, home features, flooring, trim, countertops, cabinets, furniture, décor and more. 


1 Color for whole house or 3 rooms minimum   $250


Up to 5 room   $$350


Up to 10 rooms   $600


*entries and hallways are included in price 

*Additional rooms require additional Cost.  $100/room

Did you know more than 50% of paint sales are from people who need to correct their initial paint color choice(s)

Get it right the first time

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Our Paint Consult Process Includes 4-Steps 


Overall Goal


Home Cues + Client Cues


Color Rules


Limiting Factors

Other Services we Offer:

Your Room Your Way

Designated Spaces For YOU!

With More And More People Working From Home, We Need To Get Creative On How We Use Our Rooms. People Are Craving Space To Work, Play And Recharge.

Designing Your Perfect Space Does Not Have To Be Hard!

What Kind Of Space Do You Need?

  • Dual Functionality / Multipurpose Room
  • Work Space / Space For Hobbies
  • Privacy
  • Inspiring / Motivating  
  • Airbnb

*Additional Square Footage Or Rooms Require Additional Time And Cost.

Organizing Cupboards, Closets & Other Small Spaces

Stager Comes In And Does It For You.  

In Just A Few Hours That Small Space That You've Been Meaning To Get Organized, Will Finally Be Done. 

The Keep-Give-Chuck Method


Shopping Assistance

Shop With A Home Stager

Your Home Stager Accompanies You On Your Shopping Trip To Help You Choose The Right Pieces For Your Home.

Need Help Picking:

  • Furnishings
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Tiles / Backsplash
  • Counter Tops
  • Light Fixtures


Learn How to Declutter & Simplify Your Life

General Tips, Tricks And Techniques You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Life To Declutter Your Home.

We Will Walk Through Your Home Room By Room

You will be given a Checklist  ( 4 Week checklist) to Focused On Different Areas Of Your Home.

Declutter Your Entire Home Within 30 Days (4 Week-Ends)


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