Design Services so your home works

FOR YOU not against you

A New Way to Design is Redesign

We love to create environments that seem fresh, new, updated, and comfortable for you and your family.  The goal is to redesign your space so that it works for you.  We will create a beautiful living space that reflects who you are while providing beauty, style, function, and the FEEL HOME PHILOSOPHY you are looking for.  Whether you want to transform 1 room or the whole house, I guarantee you'll fall in love with your place all over again.

Want to fall in love with your home again?  

Look no further, this package is for you...  Let's create your design plan!

2 Rooms

Redesign Day: 3-4 Hours

4 Rooms

Redesign Day: 5-6 Hours

6 Rooms

Redesign Day: 7-8hours

*Additional Square Footage Or Rooms Require Additional Time And Cost

Transform & Redesign Package

Every great design starts with a plan.  Let's chat about your project, budget and needs to make sure we are a fit for you.

  • Following our initial conversation  we will complete the design form and questionnaire giving more details about the project
  • We will then schedule a 2 hour consultation ($250) where we walk through the home taking notes using the Feel Home Philosophy, followed by a proposal
  • Once the proposal is accepted we will start the process.
  • Measurements and photos are taken to start the process of planning and staging your new rental
  • You will have the option of using your existing furniture or purchasing new furniture and furnishings.  Depending on budget and luxury level wanted for the space.
  • We know a picture is worth a 1000 words so we build out your design plan, so that you can see it in your space and know that each piece will complement one another.
  • Redesign Day (home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving on staging day)

Other Services we Offer:

Your Room Your Way

Designated Spaces For YOU!

With More And More People Working From Home, We Need To Get Creative On How We Use Our Rooms. People Are Craving Space To Work, Play And Recharge.

Designing Your Perfect Space Does Not Have To Be Hard!

What Kind Of Space Do You Need?

  • Dual Functionality / Multipurpose Room
  • Work Space / Space For Hobbies
  • Privacy
  • Inspiring / Motivating  
  • Airbnb


*does not include purchases for furniture or furnishings

*Additional Square Footage Or Rooms Require Additional Time And Cost.

Paint Color Consultation

We will determine what are the most ideal types of color to use in each space and the ideal accent walls based on what you already have in the room (or will have), so that you don't run into color conflicts. We will consider color preferences, mood, functionality, home features, flooring, trim, countertops, cabinets, furniture, décor and more. 


--Bronze (3 rooms OR 1 color)   $250 

--Silver (Up to 5 Rooms)              $350

--Gold  (up to 10 Rooms)             $600

Shopping Assistance

Shop With A Home Stager

Your Home Stager Accompanies You On Your Shopping Trip To Help You Choose The Right Pieces For Your Home.

Need Help Picking:

  • Furnishings
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Tiles / Backsplash
  • Counter Tops
  • Light Fixtures


Organizing Cupboards, Closets & Other Small Spaces

Stager Comes In And Does It For you.  

In Just A Few Hours That Small Space That You've Been Meaning To Get Organized, Will Finally Be Done. 

The Keep-Give-Chuck Method


Learn How to Declutter & Simplify Your Life

Learn How To Declutter Your Home

General Tips, Tricks And Techniques You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

We Will Walk Through Your Home, Room By Room Followed By A  Weekly Checklist  (For 4 Weeks) Focused On Different Areas Of Your Home

Declutter Your Entire Home Within 30 Days (4 Week-Ends)


Your home designed with beauty, style and function.

Free Discovery Call

Book Your Consultation Now!

Our Design Process Includes Assessing 8-Steps in Each Room in Order to Feel Home


First Impressions


Eliminating Clutter


Emphasizing the Positive




Home Buyer or Owner Appeal


Obligations in Repair and Replacement




Emotional Connections Points-"Wow Factor"

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